Back to the 2010’s

  1. 1/20 Big Bend N.P. XVI (Explorations around Tule Mtn. and Alamo Creek), 6 days
  2. 8/20  Black Mtns. XXII (Buncombe Horse trail, Perseids), NC, 3 days, solo
  3. 10/20 Wilson Creek area (Harper Creek, Lost Coves), NC, 2 days
  4. 11/20 AT, (Religious Range III, Cole Mtn. to Spy Rock and back), VA, 3 days, the 50th trip with Bob
  5. 12/20 AT, (the Three Ridges Loop), VA, 2 days

2 Responses to 2020's

  1. I’m just a day hiker so will never see the sights you’ve described and beautifully photographed (great results from that Panny Lumix LX7, an old camera!) but I thoroughly enjoyed reading several of your Big Bend reports… I, too, have been visiting since 1973. Thanks for sharing!

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