1980’s and 1990’s

The Modern Years

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The early 80’s were “the great unconformity” for those familiar with Grand Canyon geology terms.  We were just out of college, building our farm and operating another business on the side to stay afloat.  There was no time or money to allow trips into the backcountry. Finally, in 1987 after an eight year lapse a friend, who had also had a long layoff from hiking since college, coaxed me into putting the pack back on.  It has been all down hill since.

  1. 11/87  AT, Standing Indian, NC, 2 days, Stewart
  2. 10/88  AT, Standing Indian II, NC, 4 days
  3. 2/89  Big Bend N.P. IV (Smoky Spring area), 4 days, Ron
  4. 8/90  Middle Prong/Shining Rock Wilderness, NC, 3 days
  5. 11/90  Black Mtn. Crest, NC, 3 days, solo
  6. 4/91  Zion N.P. (Kolob Canyons, East Plateau), 5 days, family
  7. 8/91  Slickrock Wilderness, NC, 3 days
  8. 3/92  Big Bend N.P. V (S. Rim, Fisk Canyon/Dodson loop), 5 days
  9. 9/92  Coyote Gulch II, UT, 5 days, family
  10. 8/94 Black Mtns. II (Colbert Ridge/Crest Tr./Buncombe Horse Tr.), NC, 3 days, solo
  11. 1/95  Great Smoky Mountains N.P. (GSMNP) I (Big Creek), 3 days
  12. 8/95  Black Mtns. III (Deep Gap/Celo Knob), NC, 3 days, solo
  13. 10/95  AT Standing Indian III (Nathan), NC, 3 days
  14. 9/96  Birkhead Wilderness Uharrie NF, NC, 2 days
  15. 2/98 Big Bend N.P. VI (S. Rim, Mule Ears/Dominquez Spg./Punta de la Sierra), 7 days
  16. 8/98  Black Mtns. IV (Ron), NC, 3 days
  17. 8/99  Black Mtns. V (Buncombe Horse trail), NC, 3 days, solo
  18. 12/99  GSMNP II (Cosby/Madron Bald loop), 3 days, Bob

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