Walks and trail reports

Again, this site is really just an easy (and free) way to post trail reports for friends and family to see, so these are not great expeditions or long trail thru hikes but just a lifetime of walks in a lot of different places.

I would guess that many backpackers get out once a year for a “big” trip and that is it.  So I would think that my current 3-5 walks a year would be above average.  These days the general goal, in each hiking season (October-March), is one trip a month.  Mostly 3 day, two night walks with one week long trip if possible.  What usually happens is that weather, meetings or other things get in the way and makes the average 4 trips a year or a little more than two weeks in the backcountry.

They are organized by decades with some clarifications and links to trail reports or pictures if they exist.  I have only listed trips that were overnights with a pack.  There have been a lot more nights in a sleeping bag near cars or canoes or some other reason.   Lots of day hikes, days paddling, cycling, cross country skiing or other outdoor excuses but they are not included here.

1970’s–  29 trips

1980’s and 1990’s–  18 trips

2000’s (the first decade)–  42 trips

2010’s–  40 trips

2020’s– 9 trips so far

I have had a lot of great trips, with many different hiking partners but I would be remiss if I didn’t give a nod to:

  • Dottie for introducing us to the desert
  • Chris for taking and going with me to some of the greatest places in the West
  • Stewart for resurrecting my walking in the late 80’s
  • Bob for always wanting to go, no matter where in the Southern Appalachians or how crazy a plan (Death marches are our speciality).
  • and Scott and Lee for being able and willing to accompany me on most of my big western excursions.