Southern Utah

While in college in Utah I not only spent time backpacking in the southern end of the state but also a summer living in Moab working for the government in the La Sal mountains.

One of the great things about southern Utah, besides the beauty, is it is easy and cheap to get to.  Flying into Las Vegas is cheap and only puts you a 3-5 hour drive from many great canyons on the western side.  Equally flying into Albuquerque usually has low fares and rental car prices and is a 5-6 hour drive to southeast Utah and it’s canyons and archaeological wonders.

Trips I’ve done:

  1. 11/75  Coyote Gulch, 3 days
  2. 11/76  Grand Gulch, Kane to Bullet, 5 days
  3. 4/77  Grand Gulch II, Kane to Bullet, 4 days
  4. 4/91  Zion N.P., Kolob Canyons, East Plateau, 5 days
  5. 9/92  Coyote Gulch II to the Escalante, 5 days
  6. 10/06 Zion II (West Rim Tr./Paria Abort), 4 days
  7. 11/09  Paria River, Buckskin Gulch to Lee’s Ferry, 6 days
  8. 11/10 Upper Paria River/Hackberry Canyon loop, 7 days
  9. 11/11 Canyonlands N.P. (Needles district), 3 days
  10. 10/12 The Hayduke Trail (Hole-in-the-rock Road to Hite), 12 days
  11. 11/15   Grand Gulch III, Kane to Collins, 7 days

Trips in the planning stages:

  • A return to Grand Gulch and Cedar Mesa to check out other canyons.
  • Hopefully many returns to the Escalante area to explore lots of canyons
  • Thru hike more large sections of the Hayduke trail.