AT Roan Mtn. II (19E to Iron Mtn. Gap), 1/05

Jan. 15-17, 2005

27 miles

Just pictures.  Bob and Chuck.

Bob at Doll Flats happy with the chemtrails.

On top of Hump Mtn.

The trail over the Roan massif, Yellow Mtn. and onto Grassy Ridge Bald

Rime ice on the trees

We spent the night at Stan Murray shelter because Over Mountain was packed.  Wild sky over the Black Mountains from Grassy Ridge Bald

From Grassy Ridge Bald the view south- Roan High Knob (far left) Roan Mountain, Carver Gap and Round Bald

Bob building a fire in the building storm at Clyde Smith shelter

It was 6 degrees the last morning and we walked out in 2-3 inches of new snow.

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