White Mountains, NH, 8/72

Aug. 2-11, 1972

Only a few scanned in slides on this one.  We planned for this to be a 10 day trip but it rained what would have been 7 out of the 10 days so we ended up coming out early.

Roughly we went in from the Pemi highway to Franconia Brook then up past Thoreau Falls to Ethan Pond.  Back south on the AT then up and over Zeacliff and Mt. Guyot.  The final leg was to be over Franconia ridge but the weather was to be so bad we headed out at Galehead Hut.

2nd night at shelter #9

3rd day Thoreau Falls

5th day from the top of Zeacliff, Mt. Washington I think

Me on top of Zeacliff

the boys on Zealand Mtn.

7th day looking out from Guyot shelter

Mt. Garfield and Galehead hut from South Twin

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2 Responses to White Mountains, NH, 8/72

  1. tipiwalter says:

    We might know each other as I’ve been backpacking the NC/TN/VA mountains since 1980. My base of operations was out of Boone NC for 30 years and now I pull trips out of Tennessee. Most of my current trips run from the Cohutta/Big Frog north to Bald River and the Citico/Slickrock.

    I rarely enter the Smokies because of their stupid rules—they want to know where I’ll be camping every night which is impossible to know on a 20 day trip etc.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog—Tipi Walter

    • Thanks Walter,
      I don’t think we have ever run into each other even though I have known about your trips for sometime now. Great trips for sure. I will keep an eye out when walking out in your area.

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